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tv   Channel 13 News at 10  NBC  October 19, 2015 10:00pm-10:34pm CDT

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2:10-2:13 you can then see bolinger speed past the officer down the street. 4:35-4:45 the chase continues until bolinger pulls a u-turn and come to a stop....that's when shots are fired 4:47-4:56 in the few seconds after the shots are fired you can hear officer's talking to bolinger and telling him that help is on the way. no footage showing the shooting has been released. the officer who fired those shots was vanessa miller. and today des moines police chief dana wingert said that miller was justified in her actions. miller shot bolinger through her squad car window because she claimed he was acting erractically. bolinger was unarmed. a grand jury cleared miller of wrong des moines police
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in an interview with the des moines register wingert said miller's actions were quote: "consistent with what a reasonable person would do in that situation." he goes on to say that: "the squad car isn't a magic shield. if the suspect had had a gun, he could have shot her right through the window." a pleasant hill babysitter was set to go on trial today for child endangerment. instead she took a plea deal and admitted to abusing the children left in her care...aaron brilbeck has the story. "mrs. williamson, how do you plead to count one? guilty...and with that...former pleasant hill daycare provider christina williamson pleaded guilty to two of the five charges she faced for reportedly abusing children in her home. the children are described only as an and nr in court documents. "i handled the children roughly. i handled an roughly and nr roughly to the point where one was crying and you could tell that there might have been potential injury"the abuse was caught on in home
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tape...provided to police by williamson's husband. no one answered the door when we went to the couple's pleasant hill home. court papers are vague about what happened...but williamson did give more specifics including admitting to stuffing a rag in the mouth of a five month old girl...and picking that same child up by the arm.. "i picked up the child by one arm. and did the child cry when you did that? when she laid down she cried yes as if she was in pain."williamson also told judge jeffery farrell that she suffers with several mental conditions, including bipolar disorder..but is receiving treatment. "they learn to help you cope and deal with your bipolar, your depression, your anxiety, your ptsd and your eating disorder." while williamson did acknowledge that she knew at the time what she was doing was wrong, she did not apologize for her actions. williamson will be sentenced in december. she faces up to seven years in prison and more than 13-thousand dollars in fines. seven hours wasn't enough time for the jury to come up with a verdict in the pete
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polson trial. he is the man who went on a random shooting spree in pleasant hill last november. two people were shot...bullets narrowly missed a third. during the week long trial, 40 witnesses testified, 37 of those for the state. the jury is deliberating over polson's intoxication defense. he claims he doesn't remember the shooting after he took a bad hit of meth the night before. deliberations will resume in the morning. police in west des moines are asking for your help to identify a man using stolen credit card numbers... authorities say this man made approximately forty fraudulent transactions between october 11-th and the 17-th. the photo you see here was taken during one of those purchases. officials say the man didn't steal any cards but is using card numbers to buy things. if you recognize him - call polk county crime stoppers...515-223- 1400. a one thousand dollar reward is being offered for any information leading to an arrest. a family from norwalk was
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it happened at this house on blue stem road at around one a-m. investigators believe the fire started on the grill and quickly spread from there. everyone made it out of the house safely. the clive and windsor heights fire departments are talking merger... the details of the proposal were released tonight...and the public had a chance to respond... channel's 13's mike dasilva was at the meeting...... 41 personnel have left windsor heights since 2011....and clive has had difficulty achieving full shift staffing...for the past two years only 71 percent of shifts were at full staff. leadership from both communities says that's why the proposal to merge makes perfect sense. 06:38:51--59 'i think it should work out just fine. i was against it at first, but now, knowing more the facts, ive kind of changed my mind.' among the facts that changed dan erickson's mind...the kind of savings the merger would make part through fleet the merger would mean there would be two extra fire engines. 05:52:29--43 'just youre
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so over a 15 year period ...thats over a million dollar savings to the taxpayers of both communities.' one of the concerns that was raised by a man in the room was the possible loss of identity for the respective communities of clive and windsor heights...but david creighton doesn't think that's going to matter much to the person on the other end of a call, who is in need of help. 06:37:20--33 'i cant imagine anybody saying oh i dont want the clive guy, i want the windsor heights guy. i want somebody there that can take care of me. its that simple, and if you cant save that kind of money, why wouldnt you want to do that." natalie burnham knows that to be true first hand... 06:44:36--47 'i was driving home from church one day and actually saw an elderly woman fall and i think the wind chill was around zero that day and made the 9-1-1 call.' all that matters to burnham is call
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response time...and she wants to make sure the right data is being gathered on that preparations are made for the merger. 06:46:02--09 "i never even though thought about response times until i sat with an elderly woman in the bitter cold waiting for the ambulance." the clive fire chief says the the goal is to have emergency responders on scene within 8 minutes 90 percent of the time. 06:43:51-06:44:02 -that's from the time the pager goes off to the time that we roll up on scene, so in doing that we look at a four minute drive time as an integral part of from that page to being on scene within eight minutes." the clive fire chief says one of the factors that led to this idea...was the impact of the affordable care act or obama-care. clive used to have 45 part timers, paid on call, and 15 of those were working three or four shifts a week. a shift is 12 hours. the chief says they were great employees, but because of the requirement in the law to deliver healthcare to them, if they averaged over 30 hours a week, clive had to limit them to two
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the biggest threat of fire recently comes from our lack of rain. the high winds and the harvest aren't helping matters either. chief meteorologist ed wilson is here to tell us about the
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for 92 years iowa state university held the annual veishea celebration on its campus...but repeat violence forced the school to bring it to an end. now student leaders are looking to create new traditions. "we dont want to try to repackage the same old thing and call it something different so if we use that yard stick and bind ourselves to that paradigm we will have a problem" on monday the ames tribune reported that some of the new events could include: a spring semester welcome event in january, a homecoming parade, and a march madness watch party event at hilton coliseum...
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many are eager to start new traditions...but others are struggling to let go of the past. "we have a lot of history at isu and veishea was a culmination of all of that and now with gone there seems to be a lacking in place"14:00:29- 14:29:42"just like the students in 1922 had the excitement of creating veishea, the students of 2015 will have the excitement of creating something else" no matter what the school decides...both the veisha name and multiple day event format will be gone. officials with the department of natural resources say the emerald ash borer has been confirmed in linn county... that makes it 29 iowa counties where the beetle is killing ash trees... burrowing under the bark and preventing the trees from transporting water and nutrients. there is still a statewide quarantine on moving firewood as an effort to prevent the pest from migrating. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders laid out his plan for students to iowa voters today.
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instead of giving a speech...sanders took several questions during a visit to william penn university. much of sander's platform is redistributing the county's money. he thinks the system is unfair for people who aren't rich. one woman said her student debt made her mortgage rate higher and tougher to pay. sanders...512 isn't that something. this is why the poor get poorer. you have to borrow money to go to school. now that you're in debt, you have to pay higher interest rates than you otherwise would. that's how the cycle goes. sanders wants people to be able to refinance their student you can do with your mortgage. he also wants to make attending a public university - free. that could cost the u-s about 75 billion a year... he says he would offset that by taxing wall street stock trades. hillary clinton is bringing some star power to the jefferson-jackson dinner in des moines this coming weekend. along with her husband, former president bill clinton, pop-star katy perry will be tagging along for the event.
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they will be headlining a rally on 5th avenue near the events center. then it's off to the dinner, of course. the annual democratic fundraiser starts at 7 pm at hy-vee hall. all five democratic candidates are expected to be there... and it is sold out. but there is a chance jim webb won't be there. the former senator from virginia is holding a news conference tomorrow/ he is expected to discuss running as an independent. and vice president joe biden could be joining the democratic race in the next few days. sources close to biden tell n-b-c that a decision could come within 48- hours. the vice president has been contemplating a presidential run for months....but has yet to give any indication one way or the other. a new national poll shows that donald trump still leads the republican presidential field ... he is the first choice of 25 percent of likely republican primary voters. dr. ben carson remains close behind with 22 percent. in third is marco rubio,
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a winterset woman waited more than eighty years to receive a very special honor. and the best part was a complete surprise. after the break, see the award that was bestowed upon her...and how she reacted when she got it. and if you thought iowa state had it rough on saturday... you may not want to see this week's matchup. john sears is back after baby with a preview of the cycones battle
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11:23:16 this is what keeps me going. working out here 19 she's known as the energizer bunny because this centenarian keeps going and going. today, the 102 year old became the first person in winterset to receive this honor. channel 13's jannay towne caught up with her at the senior center where ruth lampe volunteers twice a week. a game of cards always draws a crowd at madison county elderly services. on any day of the week, the oldest person in the room by far... nats of ruth laughing sharee 12:02:58 ruthie is a little spitfire. kenny 11:58:04 she's the ever ready bunny. youl find that little bundle of energy volunteering in the kitchen. ruth 11:25:06 oh my gosh, i better watch what i'm saying.. he's recording 12 ruth lampe says working keeps her young. she turns 103 in january, not that she looks it... ruth 11:22:16 that's a compliment i guess at my age. to have a man tell you that 23today, the most senior senior
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citizen saw two familiar faces in the crowd... nats 11:32:23 what's this all about.. son, gary, and grandson, jeff, showed up to surprise her. oh heaven help me 28and that was only the beginning.. donning a cap and gown... ruth received a piece of paper shes waited a lifetime for.. susie meade 11:39:45 we want to present you with a winterset high school diploma... well thank you /applause/ 53 11:35:07 any words of wisdom? i don't know. this is a shock to me its the first time winterset schools have handed out an honorary diploma. and it left ruth nearly speechless.... another first in her 102 years.. gary 11:55:08 oh it's great, great. proud of her. 11 kenny 11:58:11 she's old enough to be my grandmother and she's in better shape than i am 12 kenny callison was one of a
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handful in on the secret... he worked with the winterset school board to get ruth her diploma. kenny 11:58:28 times were tough back then 31 ruth 11:47:50 i went a year to high school and i dropped out to go to work 56 11:50:26 i thought i had to do it yes. them days you did that 29 sharee 12:05:11 if someone needs something, she's there. if someone asks for something. she gives it. it's just her nature 18 and today, they found a way to give back to a special woman whose spent her life giving to others. ruth 11:47:40 it's a good surprise. 11:49:20 i didn't expect this. that's for sure in winterset, jt channel 13 news. ruth thinks she would have graduated with the class of 1931, but
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if you think storm damage is the only cost of climate change, think again. from the rising price of food to higher insurance rates for homes and businesses, the economic damage will only get worse. but with american-made clean energy, we can save money on electricity and spur innovation to create new businesses and jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030.
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and it's mid-october. hawks take a perfect record into a much-needed bye week. only two teams in the country have won two road games against top 25 opponents: alabama, and iowa. the hawks thumped northwestern by 30. next man in akrum wadley replaced the injured jordan canzeri and rushed for 204 yards and four touchdowns.
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wadley wins big ten player of the week honors. most difficult part of iowa's schedule already behind the hawkeyes. next up maryland. the terps at kinnick stadium on halloween. ankeny's joel lanning played a near perfect game saturday, partly because he didn't play much at all. sam richardson remains isu's go to guy. john sears has more. nats- lanning td 1 play, 1 touchdown pass.
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1 play, 1 touchdown pass. sot: "in hindsight we should ran it more.." joel lanning continues to show the cyclone coaching staff why he deserves more playing time sot: joel is competitive as heck...he dose a lot of things really well, but hen he has things he needs to work on and that will come with game reps. standup: rhoads says the in game qb decisions are made by th assistant offensive coaches. a complete change at starter would be made by rhoads himself. but right now this is sam's team and they like what sam is doing. sot: rhoads- "if we're 4-2 or 5-1 and sam has the same stats we aren't having to answer these q's. as for whether lanning will get
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"he will." just how much is yet to be determined. in ames john sears channel 13 sports cyclones at #2 baylor saturday morning at 11. the iowa cubs will hold another open house tuesday night. more than three thousand fans showed up to watch the wild card game on the big hd board. park opens at 5:30 for the cubs - mets. parking and admission free. sportscenter anchor chris hassel will report live on espn from principal park. hassel has a love-hate
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this video from soundoff years ago was more hate than love. chris seems back on board now, and no doubt regrets this destruction. cueto. tulo. alcs game 3, blue jays need a win at home. two on for troy tulowitzki, and deeeeeeep.
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we need to disrupt the old order in washington, dc. we can do a lot better by applying conservative principles we should lower rates and simplify the code to allow people to freely decide how they want to spend their money. what we need is leadership to fix a few big things... so that this country takes off and soars where people can dream the biggest possible dreams... and pursue them with a vengeance. sfx: applause jeb. proven conservative. real results.
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if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but the republicans... they want to go back to letting the super wealthy call the shots. they don't stand up for equal pay for women. they don't support paid family leave. they don't even really support refinancing student debt. we've got to get this economy working for the vast majority of americans, not just for those at the top. that's what i intend to do as president.
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